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Questions about Medicare Supplements? You may qualify for a Special Enrollment Period. Call us today at (407) 965-4166 to discuss your options.. 


Who can help you with Obamacare or Medicare questions? Your choices are simple 1) the agents at AffordableONE Insurance that have all the best companies and work for one person, you 2) the government or one of its subcontractors that work for the government 3) an insurance company employee that works for the Insurance company. Independent agents do not cost more so most people think its an easy choice.


 If you got a letter from your Insurance company or the marketplace call us, not them, immediately for free help and free information about formularies, networks,  HMO/ PPO plans, and more.


It DOES NOT cost the consumer to work with our Insurance Agents.  We work for you NOT the government or any Insurance company. Always use Exchange Agent ID# 8192502.Call, email. or visit us today.