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WHY Medical Air Services Association?

MASA-Medical Air Services - MASA, meets a vital need in healthcare today:

  • The average cost of an air ambulance is $20,000 and could cost as much as $100,000 - PAID IN ADVANCE!
  • Few health insurance policies pay for any part of an air ambulance bill
  • Commercial airlines have many restrictions regarding medical patients as passengers
  • Federal regulations do not govern the quality of ambulance service


In the founder's own words, here is how MASA came to be...
"When we created Medical Air Services Association, (MASA), our intention was to make air ambulance travel affordable to the average person in the United States of America. Little did we know that we would, almost 30 years later, have members from the farthest corners of the Western Hemisphere and that we would have four companies with more than a dozen offices located throughout the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean."


  • Ground Ambulance
  • Helicopter (Care Flight)
  • Emergency air transportation
  • Return transportation
  • Recuperation/Repatriation
  • Escort transportation
  • Non-injury transportation
  • Minor children return
  • Mortal remains transport
  • Vehicle return
  • Organ retrieval and organ recipient transportation air transplant


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